3D Home Protection
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We look at

v  Exterior doors, locks, and striker plates

v  Windows and latches

v  Window security film

v  Effective use of window coverings

v  Garage and sliding doors

v  Inside and outside lighting

v  Landscaping tips to help with security 

v  Fences and gates

v  Effectiveness of alarm systems

v  Securing your valuables

v  Types and locations of phones

v  Proper storage of outside tools and ladders

v  How to prevent your home from being a target

v  Proper use of signs

v  Security for your vehicles

v  Safety while driving your vehicle  (as needed)

v  Safety for you and your children 

v  Safe walk program for your children (as needed)

v  Internet safety for your children (as needed)

v  School bullying (as needed)

v  How to deal with service calls and strangers (as needed)

v  Securing your home while away on vacation (as needed)

v  Internet and telephone fraud (as needed)

v  What to do if you become a victim (as needed)

v  Benefits

v  Protection for your home and family.

v  Reduced Insurance claims

v  Fresh and unique approach to home security and safety.

v  Professional and knowledgeable staff

v  Consultants with over 26 years of Law Enforcement experience.

v  Common sense and affordable solutions

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